markonly_webImagine making enough money off your blog you could turn it into a full time income.

markonly_webImagine being flown to exotic locations and getting PAID to blog about your experience.

markonly_webImagine collaborating with your favourite brands & getting generously rewarded to feature products you love on your site

Sound like too much to ask from your little old blog?

It's not.

Bloggers just like you are earning excellent money (and building lucrative blogging empires) by partnering and collaborating with brands and sponsors.

Best of all, you don't need an enormous audience or a heap of spare time (or cash) to get on board.

You just need to know how to position and promote your blog in a way that makes you irresistible to brands you love.

And this 6 week program will show you how.....

If you’ve been watching other bloggers achieving amazing success monetising their blogs, then you know that now is a great time to be online…it’s just about knowing HOW to take advantages of the brand opportunities on offer, and then knowing how to ENGAGE with those brands in a way that allows you to make real money.

Whether you want to get paid to travel the world and be put up in the best hotels, or if you want to get sent amazing products (and get sponsored to use them), or if you simply want to earn great money just by writing aligned, valuable content… then this course will show you the step-by-step formula for making it happen.

"Brandlicious was a great investment for me as it worked immediately."

Danielle-210x300The course gave me the language and confidence to use when approaching companies so that I look like a professional business, and conduct my blog as such.

The pitch and contract templates are pure gold and would be worth the course alone!

Since doing the course I have used the templates and implemented the knowledge Louisa shared and managed to not only score contracts with brands but also open a number of conversations with PR companies in which I sound like I know what I'm talking about.

- Danielle, Keeping Up With The Holsbys

This course came about because I kept getting asked one question: ‘How do you do it?!’

Louisa016-192x300Hi! I’m Louisa Claire. And that was the question that EVERY blogger I met wanted to know. How did I get paid to fly to New York to attend an international conference? How did I get paid to judge brand competitions? How did I receive all these new and exciting products, then get paid to test them out?

The answer is actually simple: because I’ve been on both sides of the table. Yep, I’ve been the person representing the company, and I’ve also been the bright-eyed blogger being wined and dined. Which means I know EXACTLY what brands are looking for… and as a blogger, I know exactly how to give it to them.

To give you a quick overview of my experience, I’ve worked with all kinds of leading international brands like L'Oreal, Garnier and Kellogg's on their blogger campaigns. And I’ve spent the past 9 years blogging (yep, NINE years!) and the past 4 years running a boutique blogger outreach agency (aka Brand Meets Blog).

I've also run training courses for brands on how to work with bloggers, and a workshop at the 2014 Problogger Training Event for bloggers on working with brands and regularly write about this topic on my own blog and for other news and media websites.

I created this course because time and time again, I kept seeing amazing bloggers miss the mark in the way they presented themselves to brands, and how they could have experienced a radically different outcome ‘if they just made this little change..."

I’ve developed this ecourse as a way to take you behind the scenes and into the mind of a brand so that you know what they are looking for. This ecourse will not only help you fix the common errors that are hiding on your blog, but it will help you build your audience and improve the way you market yourself, so that you can make your blog irresistible to the brands you love the most, and make excellent money along the way.

What you can expect from Brandlicious....

  • Done-for-you scripts and templates THAT WORK that you can use to pitch PRs and brand managers
  • To work out what makes YOUR blog special and learn how to present that to brands and PR-managers
  • A private Facebook group where I will be available for the full 6 weeks to answer your questions and give you feedback as you go through the course
  • Live Q&A sessions in the Facebook group (for all the questions you’ve always wanted to know but been too afraid to ask)
  • Live webinar on the thing that stumps ALL bloggers when they’re building brand relationships: WHAT TO CHARGE (includes actual case studies, figures, and examples)
  • Plus so much more

All the materials will be delivered online over 6 weeks.

A new module is released each week, consisting of a combination of video content, worksheets, scripts and templates that you can start using on your own blog straight away.

"Since completing the course I have worked with a number of large brands including Youi Insurance and Epson."

michelle-150x150As a comparatively new blogger I was in the unusual position of having a reasonably large and fairly rapidly growing readership but had absolutely no idea how to work with brands or generate an income from my blog.Louisa's course really helped me to clarify exactly what I had to offer brands and gave me the confidence to get out there and approach them. I've really enjoyed working on campaigns that my reader's love and that really suit my blog; I just can't recommend it highly enough!

- Michelle, An Organised Life

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Know how to present yourself professionally when working with brands and PRs so that you stand out in a sea of bloggers
  • Know how to pitch brands, ask to be paid, know what to charge, and deliver a campaign that WOWs everybody involved
  • Understand your BEST opportunities for working with brands
  • Be confident that every time you say “yes” to a brand campaign you are also saying “yes” to your readers.

The results of this course speak for themselves.
Here’s what past participants have to say…

"I’ve just come back from a sponsored stay in Bali that I never would have figured out without the course."

Amanda-Kendle-profile-pic-300x199I’d been blogging about travel for nearly a decade and fumbling around with the idea of sponsorships and working with brands pretty much in the dark, until I signed up for the Brandlicious course. Louisa gave so much concrete and practical advice, including truly invaluable templates and scripts, that have helped me really take working with brands up a level. I now have sponsors lined up for celebrations and giveaways for my blog’s tenth birthday this year – and I haven’t just learnt how to work with brands, but how to do it really professionally.

- Amanda, Not A Ballerina

Monique, The Urban MumI just wanted to send you a note to thank you for your fabulous course and for your guidance and suggestions.

I now feel confident approaching brands rather than waiting to hear from them…since your course I have found opportunities with two dream companies…Thank you again. X

- Monique, The Urban Mum

vicki lifestyle mavenJust had an email confirming that a well known brand would like to work with me.

This is my first paid collaboration and I negotiated double the money they originally offered me!

Thanks for the tips so far Louisa Claire, I can feel the magic beginning to happen.

- Vicki Marinker, Lifestyle Maven

Want to know exactly what’s inside the course?

Here you go:

Module 1

Do you know why brands work with bloggers? Do you have a clear picture of where your blog could fit into a brand's marketing plan? Unfortunately, most bloggers DON’T understand the true dynamics of the brand-blog relationship, which means they’re taking the wrong approach right from the start.

In this module we are going to look at the whole picture of how brands and bloggers work together and create the critical framework for your own personal strategy. This module is essential for laying the foundations to make real money with your blog. You can't afford to get this groundwork wrong!

Module 2

‘If you build it, they will come.’ That’s how it works when it comes to partnering with brands, right? Your dream brand just saunters into your inbox with an awesome offer and you both ride off into the internet sunset together… right?

WRONG. This module will teach you how to take back control of the way you work with brands so that you are no longer waiting for them to come to you. Instead of being a passive wallflower, you’ll learn how to activate relationships, get noticed, and steer your ship in the direction of your choosing. You’ll also dig into what’s driving your desire, so we can set tangible goals for the next 12 months and beyond.

Module 3

This is the part that most bloggers don’t do very well. Without a doubt, the absolute most important thing you need to know if you want to have brand clients (yes, that’s right, clients!) who willingly pay exactly what you ask is knowing WHERE YOUR LEVERAGING POWER LIES and HOW YOUR AUDIENCE ENGAGES with the brands you introduce them to.

This module is all about how to identify those all-important engagement factors, how to increase your influence in your chosen area (so you don’t end up attracting the wrong brands), and then how to present and package this information strategically, so that your chosen brands see your blog as not only a viable option, but a complete no-brainer to work with.

This is the stuff that will make or break your long-term success, so we will really spend time going deep into how to understand, measure and report on influence. (Really, it’s a game of strategy and positioning – and I know how to win.)


Nothing breaks my online-heart more than seeing a blogger who’s done ALL the right things, captured the attention of a brand they love, gotten all the way to the ‘Let’s talk numbers’ stage of proceedings… only to screw it up and sour the entire relationship because they DON’T know how to present their true value in a way that brands, businesses, and PR managers understand.

(Even worse is when they make the cringe-worthy ‘amateur hour’ mistakes that land them smack-bang on the ‘never again’ list.)

After working on both sides of the branding table – as the head honcho making the deal, and the blogger babe being wined and dined – I know what the brands are looking for, and I know how to help you articulate your true value.

This module focuses on the way you present yourself to brand and PR managers so that you are ready when they come knocking. With a focus on creating an effective media kit and making sure that your blog is PR ready, you will be set up to present your best self to the brands you connect with.

Module 6

“Hi Ms PR lady, you don’t know me but I’m a blogger, and I think I’d be an awesome fit for your audience… Want to send me some free stuff?”

Ummmm, no. From the very first impression you make with these brands, right through to the negotiating and ‘signing on the dotted line’ stage, you need to make sure you’re saying and doing all the right things that position you as a big-time Media Maven… not some ‘hobby blogger’ who’s trying to scrape together some extra pocket money.

The way you present yourself to a PR or brand manager is crucial to effectively communicate this. To ensure you get it right, this module is full of done-for-you email scripts, pitch templates, and other juicy resources that will give you the EXACT tools and wording (not to mention, the killer confidence) to start approaching the brands and agencies you want to work with.

Module 6

Think of all the big-time bloggers you follow who are getting SERIOUS SPONSORSHIP deals with amazing brands. You know the ones I mean – they’re doing fashion shoots, they get sent free stuff, they get flown to exotic locations, they get put up in the best hotels, they get sent amazing new products before they’ve even hit the market…

That kind of monetisation success didn’t happen by accident; it was deliberate. There are actual strategies and techniques that these Media Mavens use to ramp up their exposure, raise their asking price, nab all the best partnerships, and still stay adored and valued by their (growing) tribes.

This module will take you through the exact strategies you can use to demonstrate AMAZING professionalism in your dealings with brands and agencies, so that you stand out in a sea of bloggers and rise to the top of the pack.

In fact, with these strategies? Your competition will become irrelevant.

ReenaBilenI loved working through your exercises and appreciated your systematic approach. Starting from the Blogfluence Hack, you really made me think about my vision and my readers and I kept that in mind through the rest of the course.

I revamped my website to make it more professional and used your PR Friendly Checklist to make sure PR people can find relevant information more easily. I'm just working on my media kit now.

I''ve been using the templates and find them incredibly useful in planning campaigns with brands. With your assistance, I definitely feel like I'm presenting myself and my blog in a much more professional manner.

-Reena Bilen, The Mummy Project


  • Want to monetise their blog (and leverage the asset they’ve created) by working with brands.
  • Want to secure brand sponsorship for ongoing campaigns or sponsored posts.
  • Are active on at least one social media network.
  • Understand that success does not happen overnight and that this is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.
  • Understand that this formula will only work if they take action and implement.
  • Want to be surrounded by successful bloggers and business owners to get feedback, share ideas, and create meaningful connections.

You put your heart and soul into your blog, wouldn’t it be nice if you got something in return?

It’s time to stop thinking of your blog as just a creative outlet, and start thinking of it as a ‘business asset’ – something you can leverage, that carries real clout, and that rewards you for every hour you’ve invested in it.

You’ve got two options to enrol in Brandlicious…

All content is delivered online and starts when you enrol BUT Early Bird enrolments close on Sunday 18 October so don't delay!

Choose from:

Option #2 – Brandlicious Prowess


SAVE $$$$

Only $385AU for Aussies and $350AU for US and Rest of World

Included in Option #2 - Brandlicious Prowess

  • 6 modules to walk you through the entire process of working with brands professionally – and getting paid for it
  • Templates, scripts, worksheets, and grab-and-go checklists for you to use
  • Access to our EXCLUSIVE private Facebook group
  • A LIVE webinar – ‘What to Charge’
  • LIVE Q&A sessions in the Facebook group each week
  • Full access to the materials for the lifetime of the course
  • Complete money-back guarantee
  • PLUS a 60 minute one-on-one session with me to completely nail your brand strategy (Valued at $198)
  • AND an extra 60 minute LIVE interactive Q&A call (Valued at $275)


Option #1 – Brandlicious

***SAVE $30***

Only $297AU for Aussies and $270AU for US and Rest of World

Included in Option #1 - Brandlicious

  • 6 modules to walk you through the entire process of working with brands professionally – and getting paid for it
  • Templates, scripts, worksheets, and grab-and-go checklists for you to use
  • Access to our EXCLUSIVE private Facebook group
  • A LIVE webinar – ‘What to Charge’
  • LIVE Q&A sessions in the Facebook group each week
  • Full access to the materials for the lifetime of the course
  • Complete money-back guarantee


I took away a lot from the course, in addition to giving me the confidence to approach brands with my ideas, it put a lot of "finishing touches" on many of my questions.

caroline toppermanI also discovered that, while I want to work with brands I didn't always have a clear idea of what I wanted to do with them other than writing sponsored posts. This course really pushed me to start defining what I want to do and made me realize that it's okay to have my own ideas with regards to campaigns and that it's okay to make suggestions. I've reached out to several local PR companies and it looks like I will be working with several brands. I've also had several requests for my media kit!

- Caroline Topperman, Style On The Side

Let’s face it: ‘wish and wait’ is NOT an effective strategy when it comes to earning money and getting paid by the brands you love.

It’s time to take action and start making your blogging dreams come true.

Got Questions? Here are some answers:

Q: Why should I choose this course? What makes it different?

A: Unlike other blogging courses that teach on a range of topics related to blogging and only have one module on working with brands and monetisation, this entire course is focused on teaching how to work professionally with brands. It's the most comprehensive information you will find.

Q. Do you offer payment plans?

A: Yes, please contact us at and we will arrange a payment plan for you.

Q: What if I don’t like it?

A: If you don’t like the course or don’t feel like it’s working for you, then please contact me about our refund policy.

Q: How is the course delivered?

A: The course is delivered via a private Members area on our website – the material will be released weekly and you will receive an email notifying you when it’s available. You can access the members’ area via a unique login code you’ll receive when you sign up.

Q: Will I get 1-on-1 support for my blog and specific questions?

You will get answers to any questions you post in our Facebook group. Each week you are encouraged to share specific activities or learnings with the group so that you can get feedback from Louisa but also the insights from other bloggers. And of course, you can post in there anytime with your questions or specific scenarios you want to share or get feedback on.

(And remember, if you’re after proper one-on-one support, you can always enrol in the ‘PRO’ version of this course and receive a 60-minute personal strategy call with me.)

Q: What technical equipment do I need?

A: You’ll need a tablet or computer with a reliable internet connection. Fostering community is a core component of the course and so a Facebook account is highly recommended so that you can easily participate in our main Facebook community.

Q: When does the course start?

A: The course kicks off on Monday October 26.

Q: I’ve got a big event happening in the middle of the course and might not be able to keep up? Or what happens if I get sick and fall behind?

A: The materials will be released weekly but you can work through them at your own pace – it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to complete the content, we just want you to get through it at a pace that suits you. The material will be available for at least 12 months online.

Your blog might have started as a side project, but you KNOW you’ve got the ability to take things next level.

With these strategies, your ‘little hobby’ can become a money-generating brand magnet.

Lauren Create Bake MakeI just wanted to thank you for the awesome templates Louisa.

I used the pitch template to propose a long term relationship with a brand I've been talking to for a little while and have just gotten the go ahead! Thank you!

Enrolling in the Brandlicious course has been one of the best decisions I've made when it comes to my blog. The guidance and support I have received both during and after the course has been invaluable and it has allowed me to really understand my readers and reset my goals for the future accordingly.

- Lauren Matheson, Create Bake Make

There are brands out there right now looking for up and coming bloggers to partner with, to collaborate with, to sponsor. If you don’t learn the strategies and techniques to get yourself in the door and get NOTICED, other bloggers are going to be the ones getting the gigs and signing the deals. Not because they’re any bigger or better than you (in fact, I’m betting they’re not), but because THEY know how to professionally position and promote their blog… and you don’t.

It’s time to stop sitting on the sidelines of the blogosphere…

It’s time to stop watching other people getting paid for their posts, while you slave away for zip…

It’s time to stop wishing your blog could support you financially…


louise rhodesI've just secured my first paid job!!!

For a wonderful festival I already support and love I've also updated my media kit, my About Me page for the first time is in my top 10 visited pages, I'm bringing more of myself into posts to create audience connection, and I'm using the templates to pitch brands.

- Louise Rhodes, Willunga Wino

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to take your blog to the next level, this is it.

I can’t wait to share with you the secrets of monetising your blog and making brands fall in love with you. They’re the exact same strategies that have helped me and my clients get all-expenses paid trips to Bali, New York and more; that have helped them quit their corporate jobs to blog full-time; that have helped them become the breadwinner for their family while still having the freedom and flexibility to spend as much time as they want with their kids. I’ve helped hundreds of other bloggers make the shift and start earning serious money from their blogs, and I’m confident I can help you do the same…

If you’re ready to start building your online empire and living your dream lifestyle, this is for you.

See you inside,